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Scammers are upping their game!!!

Greetings, esteemed subscribers,

May this correspondence find each of you in excellent health and prosperity, with your numismatic endeavors yielding fruitful results. It is with a sense of duty that I address you today, endeavoring to raise awareness regarding a matter of utmost concern. The landscape of deception within the numismatic realm has taken an unsettling turn, as evidenced by a recent encounter that left me profoundly disconcerted.

Attached herewith are photographic representations that visually encapsulate the gravity of this issue. It is imperative that you remain ever vigilant and circumspect in your pursuits, for the craft of counterfeiters has attained an unprecedented level of sophistication. The specimen in question was executed with such remarkable precision that it stirred within me a palpable sense of alarm.

I implore each of you to not only fortify your own defenses but also extend a protective shield to your acquaintances. In the pursuit of safeguarding your invaluable investments, vigilance and proactive dissemination of this cautionary message stand as potent shields against the perils of fraudulent schemes. The sting of falling victim to such deceitful endeavors is a prospect that we collectively strive to avert.

Wishing you unwavering discernment and prosperous acquisitions,


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