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Unveiling the Hidden Treasures in Your Pocket Change: A Numismatic Adventure

It's TIME to check your pocket change, there are many who believe that only an Old, Rare Morgan Dollar can fetch a premium but that simply isn't the case. There are many modern coins not only fetching high premiums but are also climbing the charts of numismatic treasures. The truth is far more intriguing. Modern coins, once overlooked, are now ascending the ranks of numismatic treasures with remarkable speed and fervor. I'm pretty sure everyone can remember the 2022 Maya Angelou "Nesting Bird" Die Clash that hit E-bay like a storm, reaching record sales for around $1,850 and up. It's come down quite a bit but still… wasn't that fun? Given the continuous advancements in technology, errors of this nature rarely escape the mint, underscoring the importance of remaining vigilant. If you're like me, you are always going through your change after making a purchase with cash, looking for something interesting. I've passed this onto my children. The other day my Middle daughter, Logan came to me saying "Dad, this dime looks funny" so we took it to the scope. Sure enough there was a major rim error on a seemingly common Roosevelt Dime See Photo (which unto itself has been a mainstay in circulation since 1946) The dime was clear choice for memorializing the 32nd President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He sadly passed away on April 12th, 1945, at the young age of 63 from a massive intra-cerebral hemorrhage, probably due to complications with polio. The Roosevelt dime has seen very few changes in it's historic run of 80 years. Other than it transitioning from 90% Silver to copper nickel clad in 1965. Roosevelt helped carry the nation through some of the toughest years of the Great Depression and into World War II and was truly a great man and president. But back to the topic. Pocket Change. Keep your eyes peeled on your quarters. Any quarter bearing the prominent W from the West Point Mint is sure to fetch a premium. These quarters are highly sought after. Especially the 2020-W American Samoa V75 Quarter. Just 3 months ago this quarter was going for a modest $95 dollars. Today, this same quarter in MS66 will grab an astonishing $250. That's a 163% increase in 3 months. That's nuts. That's like a 10 bagger (For those of you who know stock market lingo). The 2011-P Jefferson, FS (Full Steps) in MS67 3 months ago could snag you a whopping $700 dollars... FOR A NICKEL!!!! Today that same coin is easily worth $1,500. 115% price increase. Moving onto the 1957 Franklin Half Dollar DCAM (Deep Cameo). 3 months ago this 50c piece was going for around $3,750 dollars. Today PCGS, and NGC have this impressive coin at an amazing $6,750 dollars. 80% increase in just 3 months time. The 2006-W $50 Burnished St. Liberty was around $915 dollars 3 months ago. This coin is now priced at $1,500 in MS68 or better. That's no mere chump change. (pun intended). Now the 2008-W $25 American Buffalo, DCAM. 3 months ago, was $2,000 dollars. This coin is now an impressive $3,000 dollars. A 50% increase in 3 months. The 1982-D Jefferson nickel, FS (for those of you who don't know the FS designation means FULL STEPS), found on the reverse of the coin picturing his home "Monticello" in Virginia, which interestingly enough he designed himself. Moving onto the 2008-D Lincoln Cent, RD (Red) in MS 68 or better 3 months ago was an amazing $1,150 dollars. Now, this PENNY (keep in mind folks, we are talking about a PENNY) goes for an astonishing $1,600 dollars. FOR A PENNY!!!! Anyone interested in coins is well aware of the 1955-S Lincoln Cent, RD (that is Red for the color for those of you who don't know) was $575 3 months ago and is now clocking in around $800 in MS67 or better. A 30% increase in 3 months. Now if you have a 1955 Double Die Obverse..... That coin will fetch you THOUSANDS of dollars even in poor condition. So check your coin jars my friends. You could potentially be holding thousands of dollars in your piggy bank. FUN FACT: During The Middle Ages, metal was expensive and rarely used for household wares. Instead, dishes and pots were made of an inexpensive, orange-colored clay called pygg. Whenever people had a couple of extra coins, they would drop it into their clay jars which they referred to as a 'pygg' pot or, a 'pygg' bank which is where we actually get the name "Piggy Bank"  if you ever wondered why we call them Piggy Banks and shape them like pigs...NOW YOU KNOW! Last coin on the list is the 2008-W $10 American Buffalo DCAM. 3 months ago this coin was coming in at a tepid $1,625 dollars. Today that coin will fetch an incredible $2,250 dollars in MS70. NOW!!!! THESE ARE JUST FOR COINS!!!! We haven't even reached regular Bullion and precious metals which I will be brief. Your precious metals are your typical Gold, Silver, Rhodium, Palladium, Platinum, Copper, etc... Rhodium is one of my favorite metals. As is Platinum. I'm incredibly Bullish on Platinum (more stock lingo, to be Bullish on anything simply means you think the overall price of something will move up in the future. Platinum is incredibly more scarce than gold. Even though it has been dropping over the last couple of years. In terms of availability, it is way more scarce than both gold and silver. Only 130 tonnes of platinum are mined annually, as compared to 1,700 tonnes of gold, and the cost for mining per ounce of platinum is double that of gold. Rhodium my favorite metal. The high price of rhodium is attributed to its scarcity, with only about 30 metric tonnes produced per year compared to roughly 210 metric tons of palladium, 190 metric tonnes of platinum, or 3,100 metric tonnes of gold produced in 2022. Rhodium is the rarest metal on the planet today, as it's also the most valuable precious metal: Rhodium, a chemical element with the symbol Rh and atomic number 45. Just look at the pictures to see the benefits of investing in Precious Metals.

This is an example of what Vintage Silver Can Do!

Let's take a look at Gold. This is from an outdated picture. Gold Spot Price has gone up since this photo.

Here is another example of the most popular precious metal on the planet!

Now this is going to blow your minds! Look at the Rhodium I purchased. This is a 1 oz Baird & Company Bar.

These returns exclusively reflect the performance of bullion, encompassing precious metals, rounds, bars, and similar items. However, coins represent a distinct category altogether. In my assessment, coins offer an even more compelling investment proposition. Beyond their intrinsic value derived from precious metal content, coins possess added layers of value. This includes their collectability, driven by factors such as historical significance, aesthetic appeal, and cultural relevance, as well as their numismatic value, which hinges on rarity and scarcity within the coin-collecting community. Hence, coins present a multifaceted investment opportunity that extends beyond mere bullion.

Precious metals and coins are esteemed investments for several reasons. Firstly, they have a historical tendency to appreciate in value over time, making them a reliable store of wealth. Additionally, they serve as effective hedges against inflation, preserving purchasing power when fiat currencies depreciate. This dual role of appreciation and inflation protection makes them attractive assets for investors seeking long-term wealth preservation and portfolio diversification.

This is the quarter you need to keep an eye out for!

This is the fun Roosevelt Error Dime my daughter, Logan found.

SOOOOOOOO IN CONCLUSION: Coin collecting transcends mere hobby status; it's a captivating pursuit that not only brings joy but also offers lucrative rewards, as evidenced by its potential for financial gain. I hope you all found this informative and an interesting read. I'd love to hear any feedback from any of you. So remember, go through your "Pygg" banks, look under your couch cushions, under the seat of your car and as always, HAPPY COIN HUNTING!"

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23 feb

Pocket change Pocket change POCKET CHANGE! T he ate what started my interest in collecting coins once I learned how a mere normal looking penny nickel dime or quarter you receive from everyday transaction could be possible worth 100x or more it's face value if you know what to look for!

Great read Stephen! Wild about the Bullion prices Rhodium?! Wtf??? I would bought as many of those bars I could of if id know that massive of a price increase was gonna happen!

Me gusta
Stephen Linge
24 feb
Contestando a

LOL If I could back in time!!!! I would have also stocked up on them! The other reason for the price increase and why it went through the roof is that we get a lot of our Rhodium from Russia. As soon as they invaded Ukraine prices SOARED!!! So you never know what can happen. I have a lot of people who believe Silver will also soar because we use Silver in almost all of our electronics. So fingers crossed. Thanks for the comments!!! Haven an AuSOME day!!!!

Me gusta
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