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The 1852 Three Cent Silver, also known as the "Trime," is a SUCH AN AUSOME coin for several notable reasons:

Design: The obverse (front) of the coin typically features a Liberty head surrounded by stars, while the reverse (back) has the Roman numeral "III" within a laurel wreath. The design is intricate despite the coin's small size.

Silver Composition: The Three Cent Silver coins were composed of 75% silver and 25% copper, reflecting the metallic content of the coin.

Year 1852: The year 1852 holds historical significance, and coins from this year may be of particular interest to collectors. It's worth noting that the Three Cent Silver series began in 1851, making the 1852 coin one of the early issues of this denomination.

EF (Extremely Fine) Condition: The EF grade suggests that the coin is in Extremely Fine condition. In this state, the coin will have minimal wear, and most of the original details will be well-preserved.

The combination of a distinct design, the historical context of the year 1852, the silver composition, and the Extremely Fine condition contributes to the coin's appeal among numismatists and collectors. Coins in higher grades, such as EF, are often sought after due to their well-preserved appearance.

1852 Three Cent Silver Trime US Coin EF

SKU: 1857 Trime
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