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The 1853 Arrows Seated Liberty Dime is not only my favorite coin and AuSOME but also a fascinating piece of American numismatic history, and several factors contribute to its special appeal:

Historical Significance: The Seated Liberty design was introduced in 1837 and was used on various denominations, including the dime. The addition of arrows flanking the date in 1853 indicated a reduction in the weight of the coin, a response to changes in the value of silver.

Arrows Variety: Like other Seated Liberty dimes from the early 1850s, the 1853 version features arrows on either side of the date, distinguishing it as a unique variety. This design alteration lasted only for a few years, making coins from this period particularly sought after by collectors.

NGC AU50 Grade: The NGC AU50 grade indicates that the coin is in "About Uncirculated" condition. This means it shows only slight wear on the highest points of the design, with much of the original detail still visible. Coins in AU grades are highly desirable to collectors as they strike a balance between preservation and affordability.

Pretty Tone: "Pretty Tone" means that this coin has developed attractive toning over time. Toning occurs when the metal of the coin reacts with its environment, producing hues of color on the surface. While toning is a natural process, collectors often appreciate coins with aesthetically pleasing toning patterns, which can enhance their visual appeal.

Collectability and Rarity: Seated Liberty dimes, especially those featuring distinctive varieties like the arrows, are highly collectible. The combination of historical significance, rarity, grade, and toning contributes to the coin's desirability among collectors and influences its market value.

Overall, the 1853 Arrows Seated Liberty Dime with a NGC AU50 grade and pretty tone is a remarkable piece of numismatic history that embodies several qualities highly valued by collectors, including historical significance, distinctive design features, excellent preservation, and aesthetic appeal.

1853 Arrows Seated Liberty 10c Dime NGC AU50 Pretty Tone

1853 Arrows Seated Liberty 10c Dime NGC AU50 Pretty Tone

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