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The 1853-P Seated Liberty Half Dime with Arrows is a numismatic piece is SOOO AUSOME because it has these features:

Arrows: The presence of arrows on the coin indicates a design modification introduced in 1853 to signify a weight change. These arrows were added to the obverse (front) and reverse (back) of the coin to denote a reduction in its silver content. The addition of arrows makes this coin a distinct variety. This is the first year they added arrows because of the Coinage Act of Feb 21st of 1853.

Seated Liberty Design: The Seated Liberty design features Liberty seated on a rock, holding a shield with a Phrygian cap on a pole. The design was used on various denominations during the mid-19th century, making it an iconic representation of that era.

Very Fine Details (VF): The Very Fine grade suggests that the coin exhibits moderate wear, but most major design elements remain well-defined. Collectors often appreciate coins in VF condition as they strike a balance between preservation and affordability.

Original Patina: The mention of "Original Patina" indicates that the coin has not undergone cleaning or other forms of tampering. Collectors generally value coins with original patina, as it preserves the natural aging and toning that occurred over time.

The combination of these factors—being a Seated Liberty Half Dime with Arrows, having Very Fine details, and retaining original patina—contributes to the coin's appeal among numismatists and collectors. 

1853-P Seated Liberty Half Dime- with Arrows, Very Fine Details Original Patina

SKU: 1853 HD arrows
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