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Why is this coin so AUSOME??? 

Firstly Half Dimes are scarce and go for a premium. EVEN in circulated conditions.


This is a 1853-P Silver Seated Liberty Half Dime with Arrows in Almost Uncirculated (AU) condition, featuring a mint error of being 2% off struck on the reverse side. The significance of such a mint error lies in its deviation from the intended minting process. Mint errors can make a coin unique and potentially more valuable to collectors due to their rarity.


In this case, the fact that the coin is 2% off struck means that the design elements on the reverse side are not properly aligned with the intended position. This type of mint error can add an element of interest for collectors who appreciate the uniqueness and scarcity of such variations. These coins can be hard to find especially in this condition. The 1853 is the first year they added arrows by the date. The arrows mean that the coin has been reduced in weight due to the Coinage Act of Feb 21st of 1853.

1853 Silver Seated Liberty Half Dime with Arrows AU MINT ERROR 2% OFF STRUCK REV

SKU: 1853 HD 2% Off Struck
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