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The 1854 Seated Liberty Half Dime described has several distinctive features that make it SOOO AUSOME:

Seated Liberty Design with Arrows: The Seated Liberty design is a classic and iconic representation of Liberty seated on a rock. The addition of arrows was made in 1853 and 1854 to denote a change in weight due to adjustments in the silver content.

Very Fine (VF) Grade: The VF grade indicates that the coin is in Very Fine condition, suggesting moderate wear but with most major design details still discernible. This balance between wear and preservation makes it attractive to collectors.

Mint Error - High Date: The mention of a "Mint Error - High Date" indicates a deviation from the normal positioning of the date on the coin. Mint errors are often sought after by collectors for their uniqueness and rarity. In this case, the "High Date" suggests that the date is placed higher than the typical position.

Toned: Toning refers to the natural discoloration or patina that occurs on a coin's surface over time. Toning can enhance the visual appeal of a coin for collectors, and the specific type of toning can vary, such as rainbow toning or golden-brown toning.

The combination of a Seated Liberty design with arrows, a Very Fine grade, a Mint Error with a high date, and toned features makes this coin quite unique and appealing to collectors. Mint errors, especially when combined with other interesting characteristics, add an extra layer of desirability.


1854 VF Seated Liberty Half Dime Silver with Arrows *MINT ERROR HIGH DATE* TONED

SKU: 1854 Toned Error HD
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