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The 1857 P Seated Liberty Half Dime has a few distinct features that make it special:


Seated Liberty Design: The Seated Liberty design is an iconic representation of Liberty seated on a rock. This design was used on various denominations during the mid-19th century.

Very Fine Details (VF): The "Very Fine" grade indicates that the coin has moderate wear, but most major design elements are still visible. Collectors often appreciate coins in VF condition for their balance between preservation and affordability.

Camouflage Toning: Camouflage toning refers to a unique and visually appealing discoloration or patina on the surface of the coin. The term "camouflage" suggests that the toning may have a pattern resembling natural camouflage, making it distinct and possibly sought after by collectors who appreciate aesthetically pleasing toning.

The combination of the Seated Liberty design, the Very Fine grade, and the unique camouflage toning contributes to the coin's appeal among numismatists and collectors. Toning, when appealing and unique, can enhance the visual attractiveness of a coin and add to its desirability.


1857 P Seated Liberty Half Dime- Very Fine Details with UNIQUE Camouflage Toning

SKU: 1857 Camo HD
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