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Why is this coin so AUSOME?? In 1867 Mint employees needed to keep producing large quantities despite the hard to strike alloy. Quality suffered, and weak strikes are the norm for 1867. This is most evident in the Roman Numeral III. It is a rare coin indeed that has all the lines present on all three I's.

MINT ERROR ON RIM: The Rim Error can be seen with the naked eye. On the Left side it should measure 0.05 mm and if you look at the right it only measures 0.03 mm. AUSOME!!!! It also has die cracks on the obverse.

Metal Composition: The Three Cent Nickel Piece was made of 75% copper and 25% nickel. It was introduced as a replacement for the smaller silver three-cent coin to address the shortage of small denomination coins during the Civil War.

Design: The obverse (front) of the coin typically features a Liberty head, while the reverse (back) has the Roman numeral "III" enclosed by a wreath. The design is simple yet elegant.

Historical Context: The year 1867 falls within the period of post-Civil War reconstruction in the United States. Coins from this era often carry historical significance and are sought after by collectors interested in that time period.

EF (Extremely Fine) Condition: The EF grade indicates that the coin is in Extremely Fine condition. In this state, the coin will have minimal wear, with most of the original details still visible. This contributes to its appeal to collectors.

Collectors often seek coins in higher grades like EF because they retain more of their original detail and luster. The combination of historical significance, metal composition, and a well-preserved condition makes an 1867 Three Cent Nickel Piece in EF condition special and desirable to collectors of U.S. coins. I should send this off for grading but I will leave that up to you!



1867 Three Cent Nickel Piece EF *MAJOR RIM MINT ERROR*

SKU: 1867 Nickel 3 cent Error
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