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The 1871-P Seated Liberty Half Dime is an AUSOME COIN with historical and collector significance. Here are some aspects that make it special:

Seated Liberty Design: The Seated Liberty design is iconic and represents Liberty seated on a rock. This design was used on various denominations during the mid-19th century. It is highly regarded for its artistic and historical appeal.

Year 1871: The year 1871 adds historical significance to the coin. Collectors often find coins from specific years interesting, especially when they coincide with significant events or changes in coinage.

Fine Grade (F): The "Fine" grade indicates that the coin has a little more moderate wear, but the major design elements are still well-defined. Coins in F condition strike a balance between preservation and affordability, making them attractive to collectors.

1871-P Seated Liberty Half Dime F

SKU: 1871 HD
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