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The 1880 8/7 Morgan Silver Dollar is a coin known for its overdate variety, where the underlying digit "7" can still be partially seen beneath the "8" in the date. This makes it a distinctive and sought-after variety among collectors.


The term "VAM" (Van Allen-Mallis) refers to a comprehensive cataloging system for Morgan and Peace silver dollars, identifying specific die variations, die clashes, and other characteristics. VAM-6 is a specific variety within this catalog, distinguished by particular features on the coin, such as die markings, doubling, or other anomalies. "SPIKES" refers to the presence of die polishing lines or "spikes" on the coin's surfaces, which can result from the mint's efforts to remove imperfections from the dies. In this case they appear over the 8 like little devil horns.



"NGC" stands for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, a respected third-party coin grading service. "AU DETAILS" indicates that the coin has been assessed as Almost Uncirculated in terms of wear but has details that are not fully defined due to certain factors. This could include light wear, minor surface issues, or other imperfections that prevent the coin from receiving a higher numerical grade.


"PRETTY TONING" refers to the coin's coloration or patina, which has developed over time. Toning can add visual appeal and uniqueness to a coin. However, whether toning is considered attractive or not is a matter of personal preference among collectors. "RARE" suggests that the specific combination of the overdate variety, VAM-6 variety, die polishing lines, AU details grade, and attractive toning makes this particular coin relatively scarce and desirable among collectors.



In summary, the 1880 8/7 Top-100 Morgan Dollar VAM-6 SPIKES NGC AU DETAILS PRETTY TONING RARE is a coin with a notable overdate variety, a cataloged VAM variety, die polishing lines, assessed as Almost Uncirculated with details by NGC, and exhibiting attractive toning, which together contribute to its desirability and potential rarity among numismatists.



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