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The 1880-S/S Morgan Silver Dollar you've is AUSOME and here is what contributes to its uniqueness and appeal among collectors:

S/S Mint Mark Overpunch: The notation "S/S" indicates that there is a re-punched mint mark on the coin, where the "S" mint mark was initially punched, then punched over again in a slightly different position. This type of overpunch can be considered a variety and adds a distinctive element to the coin.

EF (Extremely Fine) Condition: The "EF" grade denotes that the coin is in Extremely Fine condition. In this state, the coin will have moderate wear, but the major design elements remain well-defined. Coins in Extremely Fine condition are generally desirable among collectors.

Semi-Proof-like (PL) Reverse: The reference to "Semi PL Reverse" indicates that the reverse side of the coin exhibits some degree of proof-like qualities. Proof-like surfaces have a reflective, mirror-like finish, suggesting that the coin was struck with particularly well-polished dies.

VAM-6 Variety: The mention of "VAM-6" signifies a specific die variety within the Morgan Silver Dollar series. VAM varieties are identified by specific characteristics, such as doubled dies or other distinctive features, making each variety unique and interesting to collectors.

White: The term "White" suggests that the coin has retained a bright, silver color without significant toning or discoloration. While some collectors appreciate naturally toned coins, others prefer the classic appearance of a "white" or untoned coin.


1880-S/S $1 Morgan Silver Dollar in EF Condition Semi PL Reverse VAM-6 WHITE

SKU: 1880 S/S
$105.95 Regular Price
$95.36Sale Price
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