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The 1882-O/S Morgan Silver Dollar is again a coin with a distinctive mintmark variety, where the initial "O" mintmark was re-punched over a previously punched "S" mintmark. This error makes


it a notable and sought-after variety among coin collectors.

The term "VAM" (Van Allen-Mallis) refers to a comprehensive cataloging system for Morgan and Peace silver dollars, identifying specific die variations, die clashes, and other characteristics.


VAM-3 is a specific variety within this catalog, distinguished by particular features on the coin, such as die markings, doubling, or other anomalies.

In the context of your question, "Flush S" indicates a specific style of the mintmark where the "S" mintmark appears close to the surface and is not as deeply punched as in other varieties.

"NGC" stands for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, a respected third-party coin grading service. "AU DETAILS" means that the coin has been assessed as Almost Uncirculated (AU) in terms of wear but has details that are not quite fully defined due to certain factors. This could include light wear, minor surface issues, or other imperfections that prevent the coin from receiving a higher numerical grade.


"RIM DAMAGE" refers to damage or imperfections along the rim of the coin. This could be caused by various factors, such as mishandling, contact with other objects, or environmental exposure.


The "TOP-100" designation likely refers to the coin's inclusion in a list of the top 100 VAM varieties, underscoring its desirability and collectible nature among numismatists.

In summary, the 1882-O/S Morgan Silver Dollar TOP-100 VAM-3 Flush S NGC AU DETAILS RIM DAMAGE is a coin with a unique mintmark error, cataloged as a specific VAM variety, assessed as Almost Uncirculated with details and some rim damage by NGC, and recognized as significant among collectors due to its distinct features and potential rarity.


1882-O/S Morgan Silver Dollar TOP-100 VAM-3 Flush S NGC AU DETAILS RIM DAMAGE

$200.95 Regular Price
$170.81Sale Price
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