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The 1883-CC Morgan Silver Dollar is SOOO AUSOME for many features. Let’s talk about what make it so special and desirable among collectors:

CC Mint Mark: The "CC" mint mark indicates that the coin was minted at the Carson City Mint in Nevada. Coins from the Carson City Mint are generally sought after by collectors due to the mint's historical significance and relatively low production numbers.

Choice Gem BU MS (Brilliant Uncirculated Mint State): The terms "Choice," "Gem," and "BU MS" collectively describe the coin's condition. A coin in Choice Gem BU MS condition is essentially an uncirculated coin with a high level of preservation, displaying original mint luster and minimal wear.

From Original Roll: The mention of "From Original Roll" indicates that the coin comes from a group of coins that have been preserved together in their original packaging. Coins from original rolls are often well-preserved and can exhibit uniform characteristics.

VAM-4 Variety: The reference to "VAM-4" indicates a specific die variety within the Morgan Silver Dollar series. VAM varieties are identified by specific characteristics, such as doubled dies or other distinctive features, adding interest for collectors.

Unique Characteristics: Die cracks are irregular lines or fractures that develop on the dies used to strike coins. Each die crack is unique, and the pattern and location can vary. Collectors often appreciate coins with distinctive features, and a die crack adds a unique characteristic to the coin.

Error Appeal: Die cracks are considered mint errors, and coins with mint errors are often more sought after by collectors. Mint errors occur during the coin production process and can include various anomalies like double strikes, planchet errors, and die cracks. These errors make each coin unique and can add an element of intrigue.

I would MOST definitely send this coin in for grading!


SKU: 1883 CC error vam
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