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A 1885-P PCGS MS64 Silver Morgan Dollar with "True Monster Rainbow Toning" possesses several noteworthy characteristics that not only make it an AuSOME coin but also make it appealing to coin collectors:

Date: The "1885-P" indicates that the coin was minted in 1885 at the Philadelphia Mint. While the Philadelphia Mint struck a significant number of Morgan Dollars during this period, the specific date adds historical context to the coin.

Grade: PCGS graded the coin as MS64, indicating that it is in Mint State condition with minor imperfections visible under magnification. Coins in this grade range are considered to have good luster and eye appeal, making them desirable to collectors.

Rainbow Toning: Rainbow toning refers to a vibrant and colorful patina that develops on the surface of a coin over time due to exposure to environmental elements. "True Monster Rainbow Toning" suggests that the toning on this particular coin is exceptionally vivid, with a wide range of colors spanning across the surface. Such toning patterns are highly sought after by collectors for their visual appeal and uniqueness.

PCGS Certification: The fact that the coin is certified by PCGS adds credibility and assurance regarding its authenticity and grade. PCGS is one of the most respected coin grading services, and their certification enhances the value and marketability of a coin.

Silver Content: Morgan Dollars are composed of 90% silver and 10% copper, giving them intrinsic value beyond their numismatic appeal. The silver content of the coin adds to its overall worth, especially in times of economic uncertainty or when silver prices are high.

Historical Significance: The Morgan Silver Dollar is one of the most iconic and widely collected coins in American numismatics. It played a significant role in the country's economy and history during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, further adding to the appeal of this particular coin.

In summary, the combination of a desirable date, high grade, vibrant rainbow toning, PCGS certification, and historical significance make the 1885-P PCGS MS64 Silver Morgan Dollar with True Monster Rainbow Toning a special and sought-after piece among collectors.



SKU: 1885 Monster Toned Morgan
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