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The Morgan Silver Dollar is an iconic coin in American history, and each year of its production has unique historical significance. The 1886-O coin represents a piece of the nation's past during a particular period.


The "O" mintmark on the coin denotes that it was minted in New Orleans. The New Orleans Mint was one of the historic U.S. mints and produced a limited number of coins compared to other minting facilities, adding to the coin's rarity and allure.


PCGS is a renowned and reputable coin grading service known for its strict and consistent grading standards. An AU 55 grade signifies that the coin is in "About Uncirculated" condition, showing slight wear but retaining much of its original luster and details.


Key date coins in higher grades, like AU 55, tend to command significant premiums among collectors and investors due to their rarity and condition. The combination of historical significance, scarcity, and high-grade preservation makes the coin particularly desirable in the numismatic market.


The 1886-O Morgan Silver Dollar in AU 55 grade appeals to both experienced collectors and those seeking a standout piece for their collection. Owning a coin with such historical importance and limited availability is a source of pride for many numismatists.


Given the scarcity and popularity of key date coins, there is often considerable demand in the coin collecting community. This demand can lead to competitive bidding at auctions and elevated values in the marketplace.


Overall, the 1886-O Morgan Silver Dollar graded as AU 55 by PCGS is considered special due to its rarity, historical significance, mintmark, high-grade preservation, and its appeal among collectors and investors alike.


Comes with a Beautiful New Orleans Mint Commemorative $1 Bill

1886-O $1 Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS AU 55 WHITE SCARCE KEY DATE SEMI-PL W/$1

SKU: 1886 PCGS O Morgan
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