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This coin is AuSOME and Gorgeous! Look at the two faced toning on the obverse!

A 1907 Indian Head Cent graded MS64 BN (Mint State 64 Brown) by NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) with unique toning resembling "two-face" toning holds several points of significance for collectors:

Historical Significance: The 1907 Indian Head Cent is part of a series of one-cent coins minted by the United States from 1859 to 1909. It represents a period of American history marked by industrialization and economic growth.

Mint State Grade: The MS64 BN grade indicates that the coin is in Mint State condition with minor imperfections. Coins graded MS64 are considered to be of high quality with original mint luster and only slight wear visible under magnification.

Unique Toning: The mention of "two-face" toning, with different toning patterns on each side of the coin's face, adds to its visual appeal and uniqueness. Toning occurs naturally over time as a result of exposure to environmental elements, and when it develops in distinct patterns or colors, it can enhance the coin's aesthetics and make it more desirable to collectors.

NGC Certification: The fact that the coin has been authenticated and graded by NGC adds credibility and assurance of its authenticity and condition. NGC is a reputable third-party grading service known for its consistent and accurate grading standards, providing confidence to collectors.

Numismatic Interest: Coins with unique toning patterns, especially those resembling recognizable shapes or figures like "two-face" toning, often generate increased interest among collectors. Such coins are sought after for their aesthetic appeal and the story they tell about their journey through time.

In summary, the 1907 Indian Head Cent in MS64 BN grade with "two-face" toning, authenticated and encapsulated by NGC, is special to collectors due to its historical significance, high grade, unique toning, and NGC certification. These factors contribute to its desirability and value in the numismatic market.

1907 Indian Head Penny MS64 Two Faced Toning

1907 Indian Head Penny MS64 Two Faced Toning

SKU: 1907 two face ind head
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