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1909 VDB MS65 CAC

A 1909 VDB 1c Lincoln Cent graded MS65BN (Mint State 65, Brown) and certified by CAC (Certified Acceptance Corporation) with beautiful tone possesses several noteworthy attributes that contribute to its desirability among collectors:

Date and Mint Mark: The 1909 VDB Lincoln Cent holds historical significance as the first year of issue for the Lincoln Cent series, featuring the initials "VDB" on the reverse to honor the coin's designer, Victor David Brenner. Coins minted in 1909 are highly sought after by collectors due to their inaugural status.

Mint State Grade: The MS65BN grade signifies that the coin is in Mint State condition, indicating that it has not circulated and retains much of its original luster. Coins graded MS65BN are considered to be in excellent condition and are prized for their high quality and eye appeal.

Beautiful Tone: The presence of beautiful tone indicates that the coin exhibits attractive and aesthetically pleasing toning or patina. Toning can occur naturally over time as the metal of the coin reacts with environmental elements, resulting in unique and visually appealing coloration. Coins with beautiful tone are highly sought after by collectors for their distinctive appearance.

Certified by CAC: The coin has been certified by CAC, a respected third-party authentication and grading service in the numismatic industry. CAC certification provides additional assurance of the coin's quality and authenticity, as coins that receive CAC approval have undergone rigorous evaluation by experienced numismatists.

Vintage Designation: The "Vintage" designation indicates that the coin is considered to be of exceptional quality and rarity within its specific vintage or time period. Coins with the Vintage designation are highly coveted by collectors for their premium quality and desirability.


1909 VDB 1c Lincoln Cent MS65BN Vintage CAC Beautiful Tone CAC 1909 VDB MS65 CAC

$500.95 Regular Price
$350.67Sale Price
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