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This is why this Indian Head Coin is SOOOO AuSOME!!!!

The 1923 Peace Silver Dollar you described has several special attributes that make it noteworthy for collectors:

PCGS Certification: The coin has been authenticated and graded by PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service), a reputable third-party grading company. PCGS certification provides assurance regarding the authenticity and grade of the coin.

MS64 Grade: The coin has received a grade of MS64 (Mint State 64), indicating that it is in uncirculated condition with minor imperfections. MS64 is considered a high grade, and coins in this condition retain much of their original mint luster and detail.

Beautiful Toning: Toning refers to the natural chemical reaction that occurs on the surface of a coin over time, resulting in changes in color. Beautiful toning enhances the aesthetic appeal of the coin, giving it unique and attractive hues. While toning is often considered desirable by collectors, it's important to note that toning on Peace Silver Dollars isn't necessarily an error; instead, it's a natural process that can occur over time due to environmental factors.

From Roll: The mention that the coin is from a roll suggests that it has been preserved in its original condition since the time of minting. Coins preserved in this manner often exhibit better overall quality compared to those that have circulated or been handled extensively.

While it's true that toned Peace Silver Dollars are not typically considered error coins, their toning can still add to their desirability among collectors. Toning is a natural occurrence in many coins and is often appreciated for its aesthetic appeal. In summary, this 1923 Peace Silver Dollar with PCGS MS64 grade, beautifully toned surfaces, and originating from a roll, represents a desirable example of this iconic coinage series.

1923 Peace Silver $1 Dollar Coin PCGS MS64 Beautifully Toned

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