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The 1926-D Peace Dollar is special for several reasons:

Low Mintage: The 1926-D Peace Dollar has a relatively low mintage, making it scarcer compared to some other dates in the Peace Dollar series. The Denver Mint produced a limited number of these coins in 1926, contributing to its desirability among collectors.

Key Date: Due to its lower mintage, the 1926-D Peace Dollar is considered a key date within the series. Collectors often seek out key date coins as they are typically more challenging to find and can be more valuable.

Peace Dollar Series: The Peace Dollar series holds historical significance as it was minted to commemorate the end of World War I. The series features a unique and symbolic design by Anthony de Francisci, with the obverse depicting the profile of Liberty crowned with a radiate crown and the reverse featuring a perched eagle on a rock.

Numismatic Appeal: Beyond its historical context and scarcity, the 1926-D Peace Dollar is sought after for its numismatic appeal. Collectors may be interested in obtaining examples of this coin in various grades, including uncirculated or mint state specimens.

Collectible Condition: The condition of the coin, ranging from circulated to uncirculated, affects its desirability and value. Coins in higher grades, such as Mint State, are often more sought after by collectors.

First GOD Dollar: The mid 1920's were a time of religious turmoil in America over the debate between the bible and evolution. Also in a display of faith and support of the bible, John Sinnock, the chief engraver of the mint decided to make GOD in the motto “in GOD we trust” rose above the rest of the motto. FUN FACT!


1926-D $1 Peace Dollar "America's First GOD Dollar" VAM-2-R "Key Date"

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