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This coin is SO AuSOME and So Gorgeous Just Look at the Patina


A U.S. 1929-D Mercury Silver Dime in NGC MS64FB (Mint State 64 Full Bands) grade encapsulated in a "4th Generation Slab" holds several points of significance for collectors:

Historical Context: The 1929-D Mercury Dime was minted during the Great Depression era, a period marked by significant economic turmoil in the United States. Coins from this time often carry historical significance due to the economic and social conditions of the era.

Key Date and Mintmark: The "D" mintmark indicates that the coin was minted in Denver, Colorado. The 1929-D Mercury Dime is considered a key date in the series, meaning it is relatively scarce compared to other dates and mints. Key date coins are often sought after by collectors for their rarity.

Mint State Grade: The MS64FB grade signifies that the coin is in Mint State condition with full bands on the reverse, indicating strong strike quality. Coins graded MS64 are considered to be in excellent condition with only minor imperfections visible under magnification. Full bands (FB) on the reverse are particularly desirable as they indicate sharp details on the coin's central bands, adding to its appeal among collectors.

NGC Certification: The fact that the coin has been authenticated and graded by NGC adds credibility and assurance of its authenticity and condition. NGC is a respected third-party grading service known for its stringent grading standards and consistent practices.

4th Generation Slab: The mention of a "4th Generation Slab" refers to the type of holder or slab used by NGC to encapsulate the coin. NGC has used different generations of slabs over the years, each with its own design and features. Collectors may have preferences for specific generations of slabs, and some may view earlier generations as more desirable or collectible.

In summary, the U.S. 1929-D Mercury Silver Dime in NGC MS64FB grade encapsulated in a 4th Generation Slab is special to collectors due to its historical significance, key date status, high grade with full bands, NGC certification, and the specific type of slab it's housed in. These factors contribute to its desirability and value in the numismatic market.

1929-D Key Date Mercury Dime MS64 NGC FB 4th Gen Slab


1929-D Key Date Mercury Dime MS64 NGC FB 4th Gen Slab

SKU: 1929-D Merc MS64 FB
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