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The 1937-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar, graded MS65 by PCGS and featuring a frosty patina, is such an AUSOME coin and here is why:

The coin has been professionally graded as Mint State 65 by PCGS, indicating it is in excellent condition with only minor imperfections. This high grade adds to its desirability among collectors.

The coin belongs to the 1937-D minting year, providing historical context and contributing to its collectible value.

The Walking Liberty design is renowned for its artistry and symbolism, making these coins popular among collectors.

This coin has a very "frosty patina" indicating that the coin's surfaces exhibit a frost-like texture, which is often associated with originality and can enhance the coin's visual appeal.

In summary, the 1937-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar in PCGS MS65 grade with a frosty patina is special due to its high-grade certification, the historical significance of the 1937-D minting, and the attractive visual characteristics associated with the frosty patina.

1937-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar 50c PCGS MS65 - Gold Shield FROSTY COIN

SKU: 1937-D Walker
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