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A 1939-D Lincoln Wheat Cent graded MS64BN (Mint State 64, Brown) by PCGS, with rainbow toned hues, possesses several notable attributes that contribute to its appeal among numismatists:

Date and Mint Mark: The 1939-D Lincoln Wheat Cent was minted at the Denver Mint in 1939. Coins bearing the "D" mint mark are highly sought after by collectors, as they represent coins struck at the Denver Mint, which typically produced fewer coins compared to other mints.

Mint State Grade: The MS64BN grade signifies that the coin is in Mint State condition, indicating that it has not circulated and retains much of its original luster. Coins in Mint State grades are highly desirable among collectors due to their pristine appearance and overall condition.

Rainbow Toned Hue: The presence of rainbow toned hues adds a unique and visually appealing aspect to the coin. Rainbow toning occurs when the metal of the coin reacts with environmental factors over time, resulting in vibrant and colorful patinas. Coins with rainbow toning are highly sought after by collectors for their aesthetic beauty and individuality.

PCGS Certification: The coin has been certified and encapsulated by PCGS, one of the leading third-party grading services in the numismatic industry. PCGS certification provides assurance of the coin's authenticity and grade, enhancing its marketability and value.

Eye Appeal: Describing the coin as a "beauty" indicates that it possesses exceptional eye appeal, likely due to its strong strike, attractive toning, and overall visual appeal. Coins with high levels of eye appeal are highly coveted by collectors and often command premium prices in the numismatic market.

1939-D Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny 1c PCGS MS64BN - Rainbow Toned Hue Color BEAUTY

$72.95 Regular Price
$67.11Sale Price
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