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A 1942 Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar graded MS65 by NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) and encapsulated in a "2nd Generation Holder PL" is considered special for several reasons:

Design: The Walking Liberty design, created by sculptor Adolph A. Weinman, is highly regarded for its artistic beauty and symbolism. It features Lady Liberty walking toward the sunrise, draped in the American flag, with branches of laurel and oak in her arm, symbolizing civil and military glory. The reverse of the coin depicts an eagle perched on a rocky outcrop.

Date and Mint Mark: The year 1942 falls within the World War II era, which adds historical significance to the coin. Knowing the mint where the coin was produced (Philadelphia, Denver, or San Francisco) can also affect its desirability among collectors.

Grade: The MS65 grade indicates that the coin is in Mint State condition with only minor imperfections visible under magnification. Coins graded MS65 are considered to be of high quality with strong strikes and original luster, making them desirable to collectors.

NGC Certification: The coin being encapsulated in an NGC holder signifies that it has been authenticated, graded, and encapsulated by one of the leading third-party grading services in the numismatic industry. NGC's reputation for consistent and accurate grading adds credibility to the coin's grade and ensures its authenticity.

Second Generation Holder PL: The mention of "2nd Generation Holder PL" suggests that the coin is housed in a specific type of holder produced by NGC. PL stands for Proof-Like, indicating that the coin exhibits reflective surfaces similar to those seen on proof coins. The second-generation holder may have unique characteristics or features compared to earlier versions, which can be of interest to collectors.

In summary, the combination of the Walking Liberty design, the historical context of 1942, the high grade of MS65, NGC certification, and the specific holder type contribute to the special nature of this 1942 Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar. Collectors often value such coins for their beauty, historical significance, and certified quality


1942 50c Walking Liberty MS65 NGC Old Slab PL

SKU: 1942 Walker MS65
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