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The 1943-D Mercury Dime VP-001 variety, also known as the "D/D" or "Doubled Die" variety, is a distinct and sought-after variety among collectors. Here's what makes this coin special:

Doubled Die: The "D/D" designation indicates that there is a noticeable doubling of the mint mark on the coin. Doubled dies occur during the coinage process when the die receives an additional impression, causing a doubling effect on certain elements of the design. Collectors often find doubled die varieties intriguing, and they can significantly increase a coin's appeal and value.

VP-001: The "VP-001" variety refers to the specific variety listed in the Fivaz-Stanton (FS) Cherrypickers' Guide to Rare Die Varieties of United States Coins. These guides are valuable resources for collectors who are interested in identifying and understanding various die varieties. The mint mark is re-punched North and is touching the faces.

GEM BU Grade: The coin retains most of its original mint luster and overall detail. Coins in GEM BU condition are often desirable as they strike a balance between wear and preservation.

1943-D Mercury Dime: The Mercury Dime series is known for its elegant design featuring Liberty with a winged cap on the obverse and a fasces (bundle of rods) on the reverse. The 1943-D is a regular-issue date, but the doubled die variety adds an extra layer of collectability.


1943-D Mercury Dime GEM BU D/D VP-001

SKU: 1943-D D/D
$18.95 Regular Price
$17.06Sale Price
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