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Year and Mint Mark (1949-D): The 1949-D Lincoln Wheat Cent was minted in Denver, as indicated by the "D" mint mark. This coin belongs to the later years of the Lincoln Wheat Cent series, adding historical significance. I have not been through the whole roll but when I opened it and saw the first penny I was like WOW!!!



Uncirculated Bank Tube: The fact that the coins are uncirculated and still housed in their original bank tube implies that they have been preserved in a controlled environment, likely avoiding wear and maintaining their original luster. This can be appealing to collectors who appreciate coins in pristine condition.


GEM BU (Gem Brilliant Uncirculated): This grading term signifies that the coins in the tube are of the highest uncirculated quality. GEM BU coins typically have sharp details, original mint luster, and no signs of wear. Collectors often seek such coins for their overall brilliance and state of preservation.


Beautifully Toned Top Penny: Toning refers to the natural coloration that occurs on the surface of a coin over time. A beautifully toned top penny adds a layer of aesthetic appeal. Toning can result from various environmental factors and the metal composition of the coin, creating unique and visually interesting patterns of color.


In summary, the special characteristics of this collection lie in its combination of historical significance, high-grade uncirculated condition (GEM BU), original packaging in a bank tube, and the added visual interest of a beautifully toned top penny. Collectors often find such combinations appealing, as they represent a well-preserved piece of numismatic history with unique and attractive features.


1949 D Lincoln Wheat Cent Uncirculated Bank Tube of GEM BU coins. Top Coin WOW!

SKU: 1949-D Tube
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