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Here's why this coin is SO AuSOME and adds to the rarity and desirability of the coin:

NGC MS 66 FT Grade: NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) is a highly respected coin grading service, and a grade of MS 66 indicates that the coin is in Mint State condition with only minor imperfections. Additionally, the designation "FT" stands for "Full Torch," indicating that the coin's torch details are sharply struck and fully defined, a desirable quality for Roosevelt Dimes.

FS-501 Designation: FS-501 refers to a specific variety of the coin, recognized by specialists as having distinctive features such as an inverted S mint mark. These varieties are sought after by collectors who appreciate the nuances and intricacies of different die varieties.

Inverted S Mint Mark: The inverted mint mark adds an element of uniqueness to the coin, as it is a minting error where the S mint mark appears upside down. Minting errors like this are relatively rare and highly prized by collectors.

Ghost 1 in Date: A "ghost 1" in the date further distinguishes this coin as a mint error. Errors with anomalies like this are particularly appealing to collectors who specialize in die varieties and errors.

Beautiful Toning: Toning refers to the natural oxidation and discoloration that occurs on the surface of a coin over time. While toning can sometimes be considered a flaw, beautifully toned coins are highly sought after by collectors for their aesthetic appeal. Toning can enhance the visual appeal of a coin and add character to its appearance, making it more desirable to collectors.

Combining all of these elements—high grade, specific die variety, minting error, and attractive toning—creates a coin that is not only rare but also visually striking and historically significant. Collectors who specialize in Roosevelt Dimes, die varieties, or coins with unique attributes would likely be particularly interested in acquiring such a specimen for their collections. Overall, the rarity and combination of attributes make this 1950-S Roosevelt Dime a highly desirable and valuable numismatic treasure.

1950-S 10C Roosevelt Dime NGC MS 66 FT FS-501 Ghost 1 in Date Toned ERROR

1950-S 10C Roosevelt Dime NGC MS 66 FT FS-501 Ghost 1 in Date Toned ERROR

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