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SEGS Guarantees that all coins submitted to its grading service will be handled with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity SEGS guarantees the grade and authenticity of coins it has certified and encapsulated in an SEGS holder.

A 1950-S Washington Quarter graded MS67 with the FS-801 DDR (Double Die Reverse) designation by SEGS (Sovereign Entities Grading Service) has several noteworthy features that make it special:

High Grade (MS67): The MS67 grade indicates that the coin is in superb uncirculated condition with minimal imperfections, strong luster, and excellent eye appeal. This high grade is relatively rare for Washington Quarters from this era, increasing its value and desirability.

Double Die Reverse (FS-801 DDR): The FS-801 DDR designation indicates that the coin exhibits a significant doubling on the reverse side, classified under the "FS" (Fivaz-Stanton) numbering system, which catalogs major varieties. DDR varieties are popular among collectors for their uniqueness and the challenge they present in finding well-preserved examples.

San Francisco Mint (S Mint Mark): The "S" mint mark signifies that the coin was struck at the San Francisco Mint. Coins from the San Francisco Mint, especially in high grades, are often sought after by collectors due to their generally lower mintage compared to those from the Philadelphia and Denver mints.

SEGS Grading: While SEGS is not as widely recognized as other grading services like PCGS or NGC, it still provides a level of assurance regarding the coin's authenticity and grade. SEGS-graded coins can sometimes be found at more accessible prices, making them attractive to collectors looking for high-quality coins at a reasonable cost.

Historical Context: The Washington Quarter series began in 1932 and continues to be a staple of American coinage. Coins from the early 1950s hold historical significance as they were minted during the post-World War II era, a time of significant growth and change in the United States.

Collector Appeal: The combination of the high grade, DDR variety, and the San Francisco mint mark makes this coin particularly appealing to collectors who specialize in Washington Quarters, error coins, or those looking for unique and high-quality additions to their collections.

In summary, the 1950-S Washington Quarter graded MS67 FS-801 DDR by SEGS is special due to its superb condition, the intriguing and rare double die reverse variety, its mint origin, and its appeal among collectors of high-grade and error coins. These attributes collectively contribute to its desirability and potential value.

1950 S Washington Quarter MS67 FS-801 DDR SEGS TOP POP

SKU: 1950 Washington
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