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A 1953 United States Silver Proof Set, sealed in its original packaging, with coins in high grades, holds significant historical and intrinsic value:

Historical Rarity: Proof sets from the 1950s are scarce, especially sealed ones. Produced in limited quantities for collectors, they were not meant for circulation.

Silver Content: Coins in the 1953 Proof Set contain 90% silver, adding value beyond numismatic worth. This appeals to investors, given the rarity of high-grade silver coins from this era.

Condition: High-grade coins enhance desirability due to superior appearance and preservation of detail.

Original Packaging: Packaging adds authenticity and historical context, preserving integrity and provenance.

Numismatic Value: Complete proof sets from specific years offer insights into coinage history. The set includes five coins in proof condition, appealing to collectors, especially those focused on mid-20th-century US coins.

In summary, a sealed 1953 United States Silver Proof Set with high-grade coins is a valuable piece of numismatic history, attracting collectors and investors alike.

The Lincoln Cent Variety FS-402, or "Re-Engraved Coat," refers to a specific error found on certain Lincoln cents. An anomaly in the minting process caused the re-engraving or modification of Lincoln's coat on the coin's obverse. This variety distinguishes these coins, adding value for collectors specializing in error coins. FS-402 is one of many varieties sought by collectors for its uniqueness and potential investment value.


1953 Silver Proof Set Original Packaging w/ Original Box PQ

SKU: 1953 Proof Set
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