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This coin set is so BEAUTIFUL and AuSOME!

A 1964 Silver GEM BU 5 Coin Type Set, consisting of 50-cent, 25-cent, 10-cent, 5-cent, and 1-cent coins, all in 90% silver and blast white, is a special collection for several reasons:

1964 Silver Coinage:

In 1964, the United States Mint produced the last circulating silver coins for general circulation.

These coins were struck in 90% silver, which adds to their intrinsic value.

GEM Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) Condition: GEM BU indicates that the coins are in brilliant uncirculated condition. These coins have never been circulated and retain their original luster and detail.

Five-Coin Type Set: The set includes five different denominations, providing a comprehensive representation of the circulating coinage in 1964:

50-cent (Half Dollar) 90% Silver

25-cent (Quarter) 90% Silver

10-cent (Dime) 90% Silver

5-cent (Nickel)

1-cent (Penny)

1964-D Washington: This Washington is unique, the Mint-Mark was re-punched 3 times. It's just AuSOME!!!

1964 Roosevelt Mint Error: The Error is on both the Obverse and Reverse. This is from an over-polished die where the words on the coin are almost missing.
Beautifully Toned: Coin toning generally occurs naturally over time. It is due to the oxygen or sulfur reacting on the coin's metal. It is purely based on the environment in which the coin is. However, the toning process can be accelerated by the heat, moisture, and a variety of other chemicals in the environment.


Historical Significance: The 1964 silver coinage represents the end of an era, as it was the last year that circulating U.S. coins were minted with 90% silver content.

This set captures a significant moment in American numismatic history.

Investment Potential: Silver coins from 1964 are highly collectible due to their silver content and historical significance. GEM BU examples are particularly sought after by collectors, especially when presented as a complete set.

In summary, the 1964 Silver GEM BU 5 Coin Type Set is a special and highly collectible set of coins that represents the end of an era for circulating silver coinage in the United States. Its pristine condition, 90% silver content, blast white appearance, and historical significance make it a valuable addition to any coin collection.


1964 Silver GEM BU 5 Coin Set 50c, 25 D/D/D, 10c ERROR, 90% Silver 5c, 1c TONED

SKU: 1964 5 Coin Set
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