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This note is so FUN. It’s a magnificent error. Errors on notes are unique and here is why this note is so AuSOME!

A 1985 $10 Federal Reserve Note with a "misalignment error" is a particularly interesting find for collectors.

Misalignment Error: A misalignment error means that during the printing process, one of the printing plates was not properly aligned with the others, causing part of the design to be misplaced. In this case, the misalignment error likely affects the positioning of the design elements, such as the portrait, serial numbers, or other features on the note.

1985 $10 Federal Reserve Note: The 1985 series of Federal Reserve Notes represents a specific era in American currency, making these notes interesting to collectors.

New York District: The note is from the New York district, which is one of the twelve Federal Reserve Banks serving the United States.

PMG 30 EPQ (Very Fine): The note has been certified and graded by PMG (Paper Money Guaranty) as Very Fine (VF) with Exceptional Paper Quality (EPQ). This means the note is in very fine condition.

Investment Potential: Error notes are highly sought after by collectors due to their rarity and uniqueness. The misalignment error and the high grade of VF with EPQ make this note particularly collectible.

In summary, the combination of the misalignment error, the specific year and denomination of the note, its New York district origin, and its high grade with exceptional paper quality, make the 1985 $10 Federal Reserve Note a valuable and sought-after collectible among currency enthusiasts.

1985 $10 Federal Reserve Note NY "MISALIGNMENT ERROR

1985 $10 Federal Reserve Note NEW YORK "MISALIGNMENT ERROR" PMG 30 EPQ - VF

SKU: 10 Dollar 1985 Error
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