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This coin has one of the most unique toning on a coin I've ever seen, being that it occurred on both the Obverse as well as the Reverse. 


The 1996 American Eagle Silver Dollar is considered a "Key Date," which means it is relatively scarce and sought after by collectors. The fact that it's graded as MS68 by PCGS indicates it's in near-perfect condition, adding to its rarity and desirability.


It also has an "inexplicable Crescent shaped Monster Toned" which refers to a unique and unusual toning pattern on the coin. Toning occurs as silver coins react with elements in the environment, creating colorful hues. The "Crescent shaped Monster Toned" descriptor is because of the particularly eye-catching and distinctive toning pattern, making the coin even more unique and appealing to collectors who appreciate unconventional and rare features.


In summary, the 1996 American Eagle Silver Dollar being a Key Date, graded MS68, and featuring an inexplicable and distinctive toning pattern makes it a special and highly collectible piece for numismatists.


1996 American Eagle KEY DATE PCGS MS68 Inexplicable Monster Crescent Color Toned

SKU: 1996 AM Eagle crecsent toned
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