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Johnson Matthey was founded in London approximately two centuries ago. Their services are not limited to precious metals. Chemicals are also a part of their business. In reality, in the 1970s, the business developed some of the earliest catalytic converters to reduce car pollution.

For its creative procedures, the corporation has gained some important bragging rights over the years for its achievements in precious metals and chemical research.

The silver and gold bullion bars they produced in the 1980s were a hot commodity on the precious metals market due to their stellar reputation. Because they could not keep up with demand, the bars became even more desirable and collectible.


Johnson Matthey and Engelhard are the undisputed leaders in the silver and gold bar manufacturing industry. These organizations have a long history of creating high-quality, genuine precious metals bullion and have an excellent reputation for doing so. Even though both enterprises no longer produce silver bars, investors and collectors are eager to purchase them.


The special aspect of a lot of 2 2.5-gram vintage gold bars by Johnson Matthey in Green Assay is their rarity and historical significance. Here are a few reasons why they might be considered special:


The fact that these gold bars are vintage adds to their appeal. Vintage items, especially those from reputable manufacturers like Johnson Matthey, are often sought after by collectors and investors due to their uniqueness and potential for appreciation in value over time.


The mention of "Green Assay" indicates that the gold bars bear a particular hallmark or assay mark. This mark signifies that the gold has been tested and certified for purity by an authorized assayer. Such markings can enhance the authenticity and value of the bars.


These 2.5-gram vintage gold bars by Johnson Matthey are not commonly available. Limited availability and scarcity often increase the desirability and value of collectible items.

Considering these factors, a lot of 2 2.5-gram vintage gold bars by Johnson Matthey in Green Assay would likely attract the interest of collectors, investors, and individuals looking for unique and historically significant pieces.

2 2.5 Gram Johnson Mathey Gold in Green Assay Vintage Bars Rare Hard to Find

SKU: 2.5 gram JM bars
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