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This set is so hard to find and incredibly AuSOME! Took me 8 years to curate.

A set of 9 2 oz. Silver Egyptian Gods, comprising the entire complete set, including the notably elusive Knum with a mintage of just 7,502 pieces, holds several remarkable attributes:

Comprehensive Collection: This set encompasses the entire pantheon of 9 Egyptian Gods, providing collectors with a comprehensive representation of the ancient Egyptian mythos.

Rare Inclusion of Knum: The inclusion of Knum, with its limited mintage of only 7,502 pieces, distinguishes this set as particularly special. Knum's scarcity adds a layer of exclusivity and intrigue, making it a prized addition to any collection.

High Relief Design: The coins in this set feature a high relief design, enhancing the intricacy and depth of the artwork. High relief striking provides a three-dimensional effect that accentuates the details of the Egyptian Gods, adding to their aesthetic appeal.

Free 1 oz Silver Card: The addition of a free 1 oz silver card, shaped like a credit card, further enhances the value and uniqueness of this set. The inclusion of this bonus item adds an extra layer of collectibility and versatility to the set.

Symbolic and Cultural Significance: Egyptian mythology holds significant cultural and historical importance, making these coins not only collectible but also imbued with symbolic significance. Each coin represents a different deity with its own mythological significance and attributes.

Investment Potential: With their limited mintage, high relief design, and thematic appeal, these coins have the potential to appreciate in value over time, making them both aesthetically pleasing collectibles and potentially sound investments.

In summary, a set of 9 2 oz. Silver Egyptian Gods, complete with the rare inclusion of Knum and a free 1 oz silver card, represents a unique and valuable addition to any collection. Its combination of rarity, high relief design, and cultural significance makes it a highly desirable set for collectors and investors alike.

2 oz. Silver Egyptian Gods All 9 Complete Set Including Knum High Relief w/Free

SKU: 9 Sets of Egyptian Gods
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