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This lot of 2000 20g Silver Liberian George Washington $20 coins featuring a 1957 PERFECT Silver Certificate is noteworthy for several reasons:

Historical Imagery: The coin features a depiction of George Washington, adding a historical and patriotic element to the collection.

Material and Weight: Each coin contains 20 grams of silver, contributing to its intrinsic value. The use of silver in coinage often adds a precious metal investment aspect to the collection.

Liberian Origin: The fact that these coins are issued by Liberia adds an international dimension to the collection. Coins from various countries can be appealing to collectors interested in a diverse range of numismatic items.

1957 PERFECT Silver Certificate: The inclusion of a 1957 PERFECT Silver Certificate adds an additional layer of historical significance. The 1957 Silver Certificate is a U.S. currency note that carries its own collector's appeal.

Quantity (Lot of 2000): The bulk quantity of 2000 coins in the lot makes it suitable for collectors looking to acquire a significant number of these Liberian George Washington $20 coins. This may be appealing for investment purposes or for those seeking to build a substantial collection.

In summary, the special features of this lot include the historical imagery of George Washington, the use of silver, the international origin from Liberia, the inclusion of a 1957 PERFECT Silver Certificate, and the substantial quantity of 2000 coins in the lot, making it an intriguing and potentially valuable collection for numismatists and collectors.


COMES W A FREE 2004 GEORGE WASHINGTON $1 (case has a little crack across it)


2000 20g Silver Liberian George Washington $20 W/1957 PERFECT Silver Certificate

SKU: Washington Set
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