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This coin is AuSOME and absolutely beautiful!!!!

The 2016-W Gold Mercury Dime holds significant appeal and value due to several key factors: It one of my all time favorite coins.

Rarity: This coin was minted as part of the Centennial 100th Anniversary of the Mercury Dime. Being a limited edition release, it holds rarity value among collectors.

Design: The Mercury Dime, originally designed by Adolph A. Weinman, is renowned for its beautiful and iconic design featuring Liberty wearing a winged cap on the obverse and a fasces on the reverse. The gold version of this classic design adds to its appeal and aesthetic allure.

High Grade: The SP-70 grade assigned by PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) indicates that the coin is in perfect condition, without any flaws even under magnification. This high grade enhances its desirability among collectors, as it represents the pinnacle of quality for this particular coin.

Overall, the combination of its rarity, iconic design, perfect grade, and First Strike designation make the 2016-W Gold Mercury Dime PCGS SP-70 First Strike Centennial 100th Anniversary coin highly desirable and special within the numismatic community



2016-W Gold Mercury Dime PCGS SP-70 Centennial 100th Anniversary

SKU: 100th ann Merc Dime
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