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Being part of the 2023 release makes these coins contemporarily significant, and they serve as a representation of the numismatic offerings for that specific year.

Peace Design: The coins feature the iconic Peace design, known for its historical and symbolic significance. The Peace dollar design is beloved by collectors.

Reverse Proof: The background of the coin is frosted, while the design elements have a mirror-like finish. This provides a striking visual contrast and is a popular choice among collectors.

Two-Coin Set: The set includes two coins, the Peace Dollar and the Morgan Dollar.

Official US Mint Set: The coins are part of an official set produced by the United States Mint, adding an extra layer of authenticity and desirability for collectors.

Ana Cabral Signature: The inclusion of Ana Cabral's signature whom is the 42nd Treasurer of the U.S. Mint adds a personalized touch to the set, In summary, the 2023 S Peace Advance Release Two-Coin Reverse Proof Set is special due to its contemporary release, the iconic Peace design, the reverse proof finish, the inclusion of two coins, its official status from the US Mint, and potentially the signature of Ana Cabral, contributing to its collectible and unique nature.


2023 S Peace Advance Release Two-Coin Reverse Pf Set Official US Mint Set $1 Sig

SKU: 2023 Peace & Morgan Rev PF
$2,000.00 Regular Price
$1,200.00Sale Price
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