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This Coin Set is ABSOLUTELY AUSOME!!!!

The 1942 5-Coin GEM UNCIRCULATED mint set you described is special for several reasons:

90% Silver Composition: All five coins in the set, are composed of 90% silver. The nickel is 40% Silver. During World War II, due to the need for nickel in the war effort, the composition of the Jefferson Nickel was changed to 40% silver, 56% copper, and 9% manganese.

Historical Significance: The set was minted during World War II, a period of significant historical importance. The change in composition of the Jefferson Nickel to include silver reflects the wartime scarcity of nickel.

GEM UNCIRCULATED Condition: All five coins in the set are in GEM BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED condition, indicating that they are in superb, mint-state condition with no signs of wear.

Collectibility: The inclusion of the 40% silver Jefferson Nickel, along with the other silver coins in the set, adds to its collectibility and historical value.

Sets like these are highly sought after by collectors interested in both historical coins and silver coinage.

Overall, this 1942 5-Coin GEM UNCIRCULATED mint set, featuring 90% silver coins struck during World War II, including a Jefferson Nickel with 40% silver composition, represents a special and highly collectible piece of American numismatic history.


90% SILVER ALL 1942 5 Coin GEM BU Set 40% Silver WWII Nickel Gorgeously Toned

SKU: 1942 5 coin set
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