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This is the ULTIMATE Abraham Lincoln Set. Let’s break it down.

1st is a 2023 Graded Abraham Lincoln Presidential Medal graded at MS70: The inclusion of the new 2023 graded MS70 medal signifies a modern, high-grade addition to the set. MS70 denotes a perfect Mint State grade, making it a pristine and flawless piece.

2nd 1953A Silver Certificate $5 64 EPQ: The 1953A $5 Silver Certificate in 64 EPQ (Exceptional Paper Quality) indicates that the note is well-preserved and has exceptional paper integrity. Silver Certificates, especially with high-grade certifications, are sought after by collectors.

3rd 1957-D 1c MS65 RB Penny with Green Toning: The 1957-D 1c MS65 RB (Red-Brown) Penny with a slight green tone adds a unique touch to the set. The green penny could be due to toning or a specific characteristic that collectors find interesting.

4th Photo of Abe Lincoln with a Quote: Including a photo of Abraham Lincoln, accompanied by a quote, adds a personal and historical element to the set. It provides a visual connection to the iconic figure and his wisdom.

In summary, the Abe Lincoln Set is special due to its combination of modern and vintage numismatic items, including the high-grade MS70 medal, a well-preserved Silver Certificate, a uniquely toned penny, and the personal touch of a photo with a quote from Abraham Lincoln. Collectors interested in Lincoln memorabilia and numismatics would likely find this set appealing for its historical, aesthetic, and diverse elements.


Abe Lincoln Set: 2023 MS70 Medal, 1953A Silver Cert $5 64 EPQ, 1957D 1c MS65 EPQ

SKU: Abe Lincoln Set
$375.00 Regular Price
$262.50Sale Price
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