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Celebrate the fantastical creatures of the seven kingdoms

Tread carefully beyond the Wall, because grumpkins and snarks are the least of your worries. Direwolves lurk in the Haunted Forest, giants are far from extinct. And, as the rangers of the Night’s Watch will testify, the White Walkers have finally returned. Can the dragons stand in their way?

As fans wait for the final season of HBO’s hit television series, Royal Mail has produced a stamp cover celebrating one of the key themes in Game of Thrones House Stark - ice. Royal Mail’s striking stamps are accompanied by a specially commissioned Royal Mint medal.

This limited edition cover features a stamp sheet including five stamps and an information card written by Game of Thrones expert Tom Huddlestone. Learn more about the dark forces north of the Wall - all that stands between Westeros and The Night King’s undead horde.

Each cover contains a Brilliant Uncirculated medal designed exclusively for this product. The obverse of the medal showcases a direwolf , the sigil of House Stark, while the reverse features one of the show’s signature quotes – ‘Winter is Coming’.

The stamps are cancelled by an exclusive handstamp depicting the Three-Eyed Raven, uniquely tying these stamps to the cover.


Game of Thrones™ House Stark Brilliant Uncirculated Medal Cover

QUALITYBrilliant Uncirculated

Game of Thrones™ House Stark Brilliant Uncirculated Medal Cover

SKU: GOT Medal
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