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A PR65BN 1961 1C Lincoln Memorial Proof Cent graded by PCGS is by FAR the "Most Unusual Penny EVER" due to being brown it holds several points of interest for coin collectors:

Proof Coinage: Proof coins are specially minted coins using a unique process, resulting in coins with exceptionally sharp details, mirror-like fields, and frosted devices. They are struck multiple times on specially polished planchets. Proof coins are typically struck for collectors and are not intended for general circulation.

Brown Coloration: While most collectors are familiar with the red and red-brown varieties of Proof Lincoln Memorial Cents, a brown designation is indeed unusual. Proof coins typically exhibit red coloration due to the way they are struck and preserved. Brown toning suggests that this particular coin has undergone unique environmental conditions or storage that resulted in its distinctive coloration.

Rarity: The description of the coin as "RARE!" indicates that Proof Lincoln Memorial Cents with a brown designation are not commonly encountered. The rarity of this coin, combined with its unusual coloration, adds to its appeal among collectors.

Grade: The grade of PR65BN signifies that the coin is a Proof Strike (PR) with a Brown designation (BN) and is graded as Gem Proof condition (65). A grade of 65 indicates that the coin has only minor imperfections and retains much of its original luster and appeal.

PCGS Certification: The coin being certified by PCGS adds credibility and assurance regarding its authenticity, grade, and rarity. PCGS is one of the most respected coin grading services, and their certification enhances the value and marketability of a coin.

Historical Context: The Lincoln Memorial Cent series holds historical significance as it was introduced in 1959 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth. The design features the Lincoln Memorial on the reverse, making it a popular and collectible series among numismatists.

Overall, the combination of being a Proof Strike, brown coloration, rarity, high grade, and PCGS certification makes the PR65BN 1961 1C Lincoln Memorial Proof Cent a unique and desirable addition to any coin collection. Its unusual characteristics and scarcity are likely to attract the attention of collectors who appreciate coins with distinctive qualities.

1961 PR65 BN Lincoln Cent Rare

1961 PR65 BN Lincoln Cent Rare Most Unusual Penny EVER!

SKU: 1961 Unusual Penny
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