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The Vintage 1 oz 999+ Fine Engelhard ArtSilver Bar holds a distinctive allure due to its rarity and historical significance: This is why these bars are so AuSOME! The purity stamp underwent a revision, transitioning from '.999 FINE SILVER' to '.999+FINE SILVER', accompanied by alterations in font styles. For instance, the serif font used for the 'S' in 'Silver' was replaced with a sans-serif font. Additionally, minor adjustments were made to the width of certain letters, such as the 'H' in Engelhard, which appears slightly wider in the revised stamp. It's worth noting that only a limited number of bars survived the melting process. Some bars feature a single-letter prefix, denoted by 'P', while others display a space between the prefix and the numeric sequence, as illustrated in this example. Occasionally, a serial placement error can be observed, as evidenced by this bar where the PE is a little higher than the serial number. 


Minted in limited quantities, each bar becomes a prized collector's item, embodying a unique piece of numismatic heritage. In the realm of vintage silver, the names Johnson Matthey and Engelhard reign supreme, standing as pillars of excellence and authenticity. Their storied legacies and uncompromising commitment to quality have solidified their positions as the undisputed leaders in the industry.


While other brands may attempt to emulate their success, they pale in comparison to the unmatched pedigree and prestige that Johnson Matthey and Engelhard command. Their enduring legacy, coupled with the timeless allure of their products, ensures that they remain unrivaled in the hearts and minds of collectors and investors alike.

Beyond its scarcity, the bar's association with Engelhard, a renowned name in precious metals refining, adds to its allure. Engelhard's legacy of excellence and craftsmanship lends credibility and prestige to the bar, elevating its desirability among collectors and investors alike.


Vintage Engelhard 1 oz Silver Art Bar


SKU: Engel Art Bar
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