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The Ausome Metals Ultimate Silver Kit is distinguished by its exceptional collection of high-quality silver pieces, totaling an impressive 17 ounces of pure silver. Among its notable inclusions is a 5 oz Indian Head/Lady Liberty silver round, by Metal Arts of New York, exuding historical significance and artistic elegance. Additionally, the kit features a Double Eagle reverse silver round, renowned for its intricate design and craftsmanship.

A standout component of the kit is the 5 oz antique finish Egyptian Round, showcasing the iconic Nefertiti and bearing the denomination of 3000 francs from the Republique du Tchad. Complementing this is a 2 oz Egyptian Round, also from the Republique du Tchad, featuring the revered deity Horus, further enhancing the cultural and historical diversity of the collection.

Adding to its allure is a Vintage Deutsche Reichsbank 1939 3 Troy oz German Hand Poured Fine Silver Bar, a rare and sought-after piece evoking a sense of nostalgia and historical significance. Furthermore, the inclusion of a 2018 First Release 1 oz PR69 Ultra Cameo Silver Krugerrand, graded by NGC, adds a touch of prestige and numismatic value to the ensemble.

The kit culminates with an artistically crafted hand-poured 1 oz Bar featuring a Viking ship, serving as a unique and visually striking addition to any collection. Altogether, the Ausome Metals Ultimate Silver Kit offers a comprehensive and diverse assortment of silver pieces, each with its own distinctive characteristics and appeal, making it an exceptional choice for collectors and enthusiasts alike.


18 Oz Silver Rounds, Hand Poured Bars - 2018 Kruggerand, MonsterMorgan

SKU: Silver Kit
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